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After 20 years away from painting... I am grateful to have rediscovered my visual 'voice' and delight in the telling-working intuitively-it's always a surprise to see who and what shows up in the images-I meet them only as they appear. I create the images but the story is in the eye of the beholder...nothing is predetermined...what do YOU see? Tell me a story.....


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New work... sneak peek of a segment


  1. Hi shekhinahshaman,
    Okay, this is what I see. I see a wolf or a fox, which represents your animal body, or your lower physical vibrations. Then I see a bird coming down from above who represents your soul. The bird is very humorous! He's pecking at the fox's head as if to say I'm here, I'm here with you.... and the bird also looks as if he has one eye on the viewer -- as if to say, do you see me? Do you see what I'm doing?
    But this segment of a drawing also says that these two, this pair, is in complete harmony and balance with each other. They understand each other and have a working relationship.
    I love it!

  2. Well,that's cool! I LOVE your story!

  3. I have just reconnected with a wolf guide, and here he is on your painting! Fabulous work. I guess though they are both parts of you and you too and reconnecting to their footprints as they walk accross your soul.. much love xx